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Orange Rhino

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The Orange Rhino¬†launched her blog about her journey to stop yelling at her kids in January 2012. Over the course of the next year, while she accomplished her goal of not yelling at her kids for 365 days, she also gained a large blog following. The blog has over 50,000 Facebook fans and has been featured on numerous media outlets, including The Huffington Post and Today. The Orange Rhino was named Parent Magazine’s Inspirational Blog of the Year in 2013. Her book, Yell Less, Love More, will debut Fall 2014.

Working alongside The Orange Rhino, we created a logo that would capture her brand and then built the blog design around the colors identified through the brand development process. As the community grew, so did the web presence. We collaborated to build an online store using the existing framework of the website. Additionally, we added a forum, which Barnes & Noble will use to help promote her book.